Jacqueline Piesen is the wife of Mike Love – the founder and lead singer of The American rock band the Beach Boys. Though famous for her husband’s popularity, Jacqueline has remained relatively private. This article examines her childhood / early life, family background, education, career, personal life, physical appearance, net worth, and online profile.

Early Life

Details regarding Jacqueline Piesen’s early life are scant. She has kept much of her background – her birthplace, parents and childhood – secret. This has given her discretion and she no longer feels the pressure of being associated with a celebrity.

Marriage to Mike Love

Family details regarding Jacqueline Piesen remain mostly secret. But her marriage to Mike Love has put her in the limelight. Musician Mike Love is best known for founding the Beach Boys. Jacqueline and Mike have two children together – joining Mike’s large family from previous marriages.Jacqueline-Piesen

Educational Background

Education information about Jacqueline Piesen is not documented. Given her private nature, she probably would rather not make such details public. Still, she seems like a well-rounded, educated person who can handle her private and public life with grace.


Jacqueline Piesen does not make much of her professional life public. Contrary to her husband, a multi-faceted musician, Jacqueline has avoided the limelight. She might have had other projects going on but her career is secret. Her role is that of a wife to Mike Love and mother to their three children.

Personal Life

Jacqueline Piesen and Mike Love have been married since 24 April, 1994. And their relationship has been for more than two decades. Jacqueline is very attached to her family and has always been supportive of Mike in life and career. The couple’s long marriage reflects this trust and respect.

Physical Appearance

Many describe Jacqueline Piesen as a pretty and graceful woman. Specifics about her physical appearance are not well documented but she is often seen at public events with Mike Love. Her cool, collected manner matches her husband’s magnetic charm.

Net Worth

Jacqueline Piesen’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. But with a husband as successful as Mike Love, she probably lives comfortably. Mike Love is thought to have a sizable net worth because of his long career in music.

Online Presence

Jacqueline Piesen stays low profile online. Unlike many public figures, she has no social media following. This discretion allows her some privacy and time for her family and personal life. She appears online mostly through her husband on social media and at public appearances.


Jacqueline Piesen lives an unusually private life while being married to a famous musician. She has a strong and graceful life as a wife and mother. Much is unknown about Jacqueline, but her influence on Mike Love is undeniable – and she certainly makes their family happy.

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