Kari Hillsman’s life story is more than a celebrity yarn. Known mainly as the former girlfriend of Rick Fox, Kari has a story of individual triumphs, family devotion and professional dedication. Here’s an inside look at Kari Hillsman’s life.

Early Life and Family Ties

Kari Hillsman was born January 16, 1971, in Massachusetts to a black father and white mother. She has an army father – AC Hillsman Jr. Kari’s mother, Mary, worked in Andover, Massachusetts, at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center.

Educational Background

Kari attended The University of Massachusetts Boston. It is her academic path which has shaped her professional and personal life.Kari-Hillsman-2024


Professionally, Kari Hillsman is an accredited residential manager with the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) since March 2014. Her career path shows her knowledge and passion for real estate management.

Personal Life

In her personal life Kari shows strength and determination. As the mother of three – including a son with Rick Fox – she has embraced single parenthood and co-parenting with grace. At home she’s driven by her family and values.

Physical Appearance

While Kari does not identify herself physically, she does have a professional yet approachable look at 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her manner screams confidence and poise for a woman who has made her own way in life.

Net Worth

Kari Hillsman’s net worth is not public and she is certainly not wealthy on financial terms alone. She is rich in experiences, family and lives she has touched lives through work and personal pursuits.

Her Ex-Partner, Rick Fox

The basketball great and business savvy Rick Fox has created his own path. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Fox was already athletic from a young age. He played for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in a 1991 championship-winning squad.

Fox had a decade of professional basketball. His defensive prowess was established when drafted by the Boston Celtics. He played for a number of teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, for which he won three NBA championship titles with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Fox, who retired from basketball with intelligence and business sense, jumped right into the entrepreneurial world. He has invested in real estate and esports and amassed a net worth in the tens of millions.

His high-profile relationships have put Fox’s personal life in the media spotlight. He previously married actress Vanessa Williams for five years. He has also dated Kari Hillsman. Fox remains private about his current relationship but is known to be philanthropic and family oriented.

Rick Fox’s story goes beyond the basket. He is an inspiration for athletes entering the post-playing career jungle. He has also built a reputation in business that makes him a versatile individual who continues to excel beyond sports.


Kari Hillsman’s story is one that is rich in several cultures and values. But her life story is not only tied to those earlier associations, but to the life she’s built with those she loves. Kari embodies deliberate living – with intention and zeal.

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