Bix Beghe 2024

Bix Beghe’s life is like a look at Hollywood through the prism of lineage and legacy. Bix, son of actor Jason Beghe, story is one of navigating fame while establishing his own identity.

Early Life

Born in 2003, Bix Beghe entered a world where the spotlight was a family affair. Childhood with a famous father was anything but ordinary – yet Bix has remained low key amidst the showbiz glamor.

Family Ties and Roots

Beghe family is no strangers to the spotlight – Jason Beghe’s long and successful television and film career draws plenty of attention. Bix and his younger brother Bo Bear share that legacy rooted in the values and experiences of a big family.Bix Beghe

Educational Background

Details of Bix’s education are private as the family vows to keep their children’s private lives out of the public eye. But he clearly grew up in a family of learned people and artists.


Young adult Bix still has to figure out his career path. Whatever he does – follow in his father’s footsteps or find a new path – his early exposure to the entertainment industry gives him a great foundation for his future endeavors.

Personal Life

Bix’s personal life is a weaving of family, friendship and love. He’s posted glimpses of his life online about his relationships and adventures.

Physical Appearance

Bix is the mirror image of both his parents – rugged and gracious. His physical appearance is not often highlighted but speaks to the Beghe family genes.

Net Worth

Bix does not have a publicly known net worth but he does inherit experience and opportunity. His worth lies in the potential he has and the paths he will take.

Online Presence

Even as online personas can take precedence over reality, Bix keeps a sane digital footprint. His social media accounts let us into his world – one that respects public interest as well as private space.

His Father, Jason Beghe

Beghe is an American actor, most recently seen as detective Harold Bellinger on the Detective series Monk and Sergeant Hank Voight on the NBC police drama Chicago P.D.

Beghe began acting in the 1980s on television shows and films. He continued to build his resume in the 1990s with roles on “Melrose Place” and Diagnosis: Murder.”

His breakthrough came in 2002 when he played Monk’s faithful partner Detective Bellinger. The show’s eight seasons made Beghe a household name on television. After “Monk,” Beghe continued to make television work in shows like “CSI: Miami” and “Californication.”

His latest role is as Sergeant Hank Voight on Chicago P.D. Voight is a complex and morally ambiguous character unlike Beghe’s previous roles. Success with “Chicago P.D.” cemented Beghe as a television staple.

Details about his private life are mostly kept secret but sources put Jason Beghe’s net worth at around the millions.

Beghe has a varied career. From the loyal sidekick to the morally conflicted leader, he has consistently delivered strong performances for television.

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